Thursday, November 1, 2012

Greetings Blogland!

Where to begin, where to begin?? It's so daunting starting out fresh with a blank "sheet", not knowing quite where to begin and yet having so much to say. I feel like writing this blog is important because I've got no one else to talk to about all these new experiences and all the questions that come with starting our DD marriage.... If that IS in fact what him and I are doing;)

I guess first of all my name is...well, I suppose you can call me "His Princess" or "Jasmine"(since that's the princess my husband says I remind him of). I am still on the fence about putting my name out there! Maybe I will soon. Anyways, I'm a mom, I have a good job (although I'd much rather be a stay at home mom, oh well can't always have what we want!). I love my husband fiercely. He's one of those men that people in general just can't help but like. I envy that quality in him.

Why DD? Well it's not that we have any real "issues". We get along very very well and because of our age difference, he's quite a bit older than me, he's always kind of naturally been the leader when it comes to him and me. We are Christian, and that plays a role in how I feel. I want to be the best wife possible and to be proactive about our marriage. I've seen more divorces than I care to speak about. I recognize that by God's design my husband is the authority over me and I am to be submissive to him. And oddly, I have found that I WANT to be. I want to make him happy, I want to obey him. In living out that role I feel that is honoring God. Now where does the discipline part come in? My husband is so easy going and just genuinely kind hearted. I can be a bit of a fireball, sassy, and if I really get going I try to control every little thing around me. I don't want to be that way and I have to say since meeting him I have naturally calmed down quite a lot. But those times I did go too far or give him attitude (that I regretted later).... I wish he had took me by the arm and looked in my eyes and told me it was unacceptable and if it continued I would be punished. So.... After a lot of thinking, researching, lurking on various blogs LOL, I told him just that. Of course when I did, I wasn't nearly as "cool, calm, and collected" as I sound right now;) I was so nervous and feeling so shy and vulnerable! But that's another story.....

Please feel free to comment...nice comments. I see things random people say to others around here and some of it is just down right rude/crazy. I don't expect everyone to like or agree with this but respect is always valued. Make no mistakes, I am in no way abused and never have been. I am a very happy wife/mother.

-His Princess aka Jasmine :)


  1. You're off to a very good start Jasmine!
    Welcome to blogland! If there's anything I can do to help please let me know.
    I look forward to reading here,

    1. Thank you so much for stopping in and commenting! I love to read male perspectives, so I look forward to reading your blogs more:) thx for the warm welcome!

  2. Welcome to blogland, Jasmine!


    1. Chelsea, I feel like you're a bit of a "celebrity" here! Lol Thanks for reading, I love your blog. Well, yours and Clint's as well...great stuff!! This is such a nice community of people, its been fun getting acquainted with everyone!