Friday, December 7, 2012

Giving it up...No, not like THAT;)

It's FRIDAY people!!! Wahoo! Can I just say I'm so happy this week is over? It's been busy and I'm ready for a little reprieve. A date night is definitely in order VERY soon!

With that being said something kind of unexpected happened last night. Not a "big" deal, but at this point, I suppose everything's a big deal to us;)

I outed myself to my husband....about my blog! He knew I was reading blogs but didn't really know about my writing my own, sharing stories about us. I read aloud each and every one to him. It's so funny how after all of this time and everything I've already shared (that mind you, did NOT make him go running for the hills) that I still worry. I still get shy and nervous about sharing these thoughts with him.  I still wonder if he will completely freak out and call the looney bin to have me committed....ok ok a bit dramatic, yes. 

I told him about my favorite bloggers to read (yep, you guys out there: June and Ward, NewBea, Ian and Lillie, Mick and Linda, Kitty the submissive wife, Susie, Christina, Clint and Chelsea...I'm leaving people out I know, but you get my point). I shared some of the stories that made me literally laugh out loud or that I found were very similar to ours. He loved it! He was so supportive, told me he only wanted me to share things I felt comfortable sharing and how any man would love to hear these things from his wife. Side note: Sometimes I wonder if this man has angel wings hidden beneath his shoulder blades like John Travolta in the movie "Michael". Good lord, I don't know how he does it! Haha anyways, I'm so grateful for the support. 

 I told him how Bea's husband over at NewBea's blog came up with a name for himself so she could refer to him as something other than "my husband". I love the idea and asked if he'd do the same.....he's still thinking. (Hey, names are a big deal...can't take it lightly,) Lol!

 Oh! I almost forgot I also shared the wonderful advice I got on my last post about the "devil on my shoulder" with him. He agreed and really liked hearing what other people thought. We live in a very small house and share a wall with our oldest child. One of his big concerns is having our kids overhear him spanking/lecturing me. I know several bloggers out there have had to deal with that issue as well. If this is you, could you remind me how you "tackled" that??

I wish all of you a safe and happy weekend! Thanks for stopping by:)



  1. Check out RedBootyWoman, Jasmine. Christina has some information about soundproofing. Also, Ward and I use some sound barriers until we can take some permanent measures. You can email me & I'll send you the link.

    1. Thanks June, I knew there were people out there with this same issue. We can't make any major changes to the house at this time, but maybe we need to look into quieter implements....hand to bottom is very "smacky" sounding!

    2. For Temporary measures, we got a white noise machine and put it in the boy's room. We have a fan that we run on high in ours at the bottom of the door. Most of the noise comes in through the hollow core doors, so you could cover them with eggcrate mattress pads - we haven't had to do that, but it's an idea, or cork tiles.

  2. Jasmine! I am so excited for you! What a load off your shoulders...I know that I hated feeling like I was hiding something from Levi...I am glad your reveal went so well and am flattered that I am listed among your favorite bloggers:)

    1. Awe, glad you made your way over and saw that:) hehe And YES I truly hate feeling like I'm not being 100% open and honest with him. Sometimes it takes me until I work up my nerve but I always come clean....and it sure does feel great! Especially when you don't get the horrid reaction you've built up in your mind.... Haha