Tuesday, December 11, 2012

His First "Edict"

Yep, edict....that's the word he used. The online dictionary defines the word "edict" as: any formal or authoritative command, proclamation. Sounds like something the royals would say if you ask me!

Nevertheless, it seems as though he's settling into his role...and appreciating it for what it is. He told me at first he thought this would be something that I was into for a moment but would fade away. Or that once I was told to REALLY do (or not do) something that I didn't want to, that I would not be able to submit. He's surprised, and happy to see thats not the case. That I've behaved as though DD is our lifestyle regardless of what he's doing.  That felt great to hear! He even gave a good friend of his who is experiencing some marital issues advice, referring (slightly) to what we've been doing. Why is it that men share this stuff so much more easily than women do??? Alright I'm going all over the place with this post!

Back to the topic at hand.....

The other night he tells me "I've got my first edict as head of this household....we need to get in the habit of cleaning up the house each night before bed...it's going to be YOUR job to remind me to get everyone in action". (You see, our house kind of looks like maybe some sort of catastrophe came sweeping through and the wreckage has been left for the Red Cross to come handle!! Which is clearly never going to happen. Ok, no it's not THAT bad. But it's not pretty either....it's one of those areas I've wanted to improve in....keeping the house nice for my family. It's not that I necessarily believe I am the only one responsible for our home's cleanliness, but I do feel a sense of pride as a wife and mother when it feels good inside our home and dinner is made etc...).

I asked if I would be punished if this was forgotten. He said yes, that all I have to do is remind him. I am not responsible for cleaning by myself (um thank God). He thinks, and actually I agree, that getting the kids into this habit nightly will set them up to be more responsible and proactive as they get older. I like it! So let's see if I can remember this and if my husband will follow through! You'll be happy to know I'm past trying to "get in trouble" on purpose...I've received enough "good girl" spankings now to know he's got it in him!

P.S. I got myself a brand new all wooden hairbrush...What???? I'm just saying!! Lol

Happy Tuesday!



  1. *Grins* HAS to be solid wood :) Took me forever to find mine. GG's are awesome, aren't they? :-P I just made sumit this morning for us to use..kinda shy to say what it is :"> Sounds like you are sailing right along. Isn't it amazing how much more they step up when we yield? Sooooo yummy!


  2. Lovely post. It is nice when we find the feel and ebb of flow with each other within the structures of our relationships :o)