Monday, December 17, 2012

Swallowing my pride..

Sometimes being submissive, being the one to yield, biting my HARD.

Friday night I really wanted to go visit my new baby niece WITH my husband. He hadn't met her yet and the only plans we had for the evening was to go grocery shopping because our fridge and cupboards were so very lacking at the time. You see, I don't understand why we couldn't do both. Why did we have to choose between the two? Lets go real wild and do TWO things in one night! Crazy! In fairness, he gave me some options. I wanted him to choose though, I didn't want to force him to do something he didn't want to. He chose shopping , and its not that that didn't sound like a good idea to me but I had it in my mind I wanted to go see the baby. He said I could still myself. Not really what I had in mind. I really wanted to go together. He kept insisting we could just go Saturday and if not, then Sunday. The fact that meeting our niece for the first time wasn't looking like a big priority to him (at least through my eyes) really bothered me. I gave him lots of attitude and kept suggesting other alternatives or possibilities and questioning why we couldn't just do both. (Basically, I was acting like a five year old).

We were on our way home when it became apparent to me after texting with my sister-in-law, that seeing the baby Saturday was not going to be an option...she already had a bunch of her family members coming that day. She asked why we don't just come tonight (Friday). Lol!! Umm. That seemed to be the question of the night! I asked my husband again in the most whiney, irritated way possible about going to her house and he responded: "We. Will. Go. TOMORROW. Now stop asking, you're gonna get a spanking."

Well that was the first time he had actually sounded serious when he said he would spank me, and I was a little shocked. And a little mad. Not so much because of the threat of a spanking but because I knew what this situation called for.. It was like the line drawn in the sand. I was a little pouty because I knew this wasn't going to be fun for my pride. There were two ways this could go. Either I would obey and everything would be dropped and we could go on with our night...OR this would turn into an unnecessary fight (with a Pre-determined winner) ending with me turned over my husband's lap!

It wasn't really a question in my mind. But it doesn't change the fact that doing what was right, was not easy, and not fun. I became absolutely silent after he "drew the line in the sand". Partly because I was pouting, yes. But also because I knew if I were to say anything it would not be helpful or in any way constructive to the situation. I definitely think in the future I could handle myself better afterwards, not going silent with evil daggers shooting from my eyes... But you know, Baby steps;)

We ended up having a great night together, even though I was a little sassy. He took out some aggression on me later in bed together;)We talked about the night as we were cuddling and getting ready to go to sleep. He was proud that I was able to "bite my tongue" as he put it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hi Jasmine,

    It is VERY hard to bite your tongue, especially knowing that there is a pre determined winner. You did very well holding yours. I could take some lessons from you :)

    1. So sorry it took me so long to respond! Thanks for reading and honestly it's a process, but thank you:-) I'm sure I'll stumble throughout the way, like everyone does! But it's nice having others to share the journey with:-)